Energías Renovables Tolosa

"Betting on renewable energies will take care
of your future and also of the planet"


In Tolosa we offer you different types of services.


Facilities in homes, offices and industries using various sources of energy: natural gas, propane gas, heat pump, diesel, solar energy and biomass.


It is a renewable energy source contained in the air (heat pump). It achieves a great performance with a low consumption and offers us heating, sanitary hot water (ACS) and air conditioning.

Radiating floor

Heating system that offers great comfort. Evenly distribute the heat throughout the house and avoid drafts. Its aesthetic is evident as it leaves walls free of radiators.

Air conditioning

The air conditioning or air conditioning is to create conditions of temperature, humidity and air cleaning suitable for comfort within the inhabited spaces.

Thermal solar energy

It consists of harnessing the energy of the sun. The heat obtained can be used in different situations such as production of hot water, heating or air conditioning of swimming pools.


The treated ventilation is equal to or more important than the air conditioning. It is done in homes, offices, garages as in any enclosed space that needs it.


(Own technical service)


(Own technical service)






Tolosa is an installation and maintenance company with great experience in the sector of air conditioning and heating. We take care of the designs, calculations of the installations and contracts of preventive maintenance.

In recent years we have incorporated solar thermal installations and ventilation systems in residential, residential, residential and office buildings in our specialties.

Our main works are focused on rehabilitation and new building chalets in areas such as Villajoyosa, La Nucia, Alfaz del Pi, Altea, Calpe.

In Tolosa we always bet on preventive maintenance contracts. Always a well-serviced installation and with revisions at the right time, proves that it is more efficient since it avoids serious faults and therefore much more expensive.

Do you need a budget?

In Tolosa we can advise and guide you.


During our professional career we have specialized more and more in these sectors.

Air conditioning
Radiating floor
Thermal solar energy
Do you have a breakdown?

Ask us and we will inform you the type of repair you need.

SAT Technical Service

  • Gas Inspection
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance




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